Radio 6NR 1979 - 85

Working in radio was an accident that happened to me before and after a year of travel in Europe. My passion for jazz and exotic music
 saw me doing an occasional programme for the radio station at the university I once attended. The station was called Radio 6nr at Curtin University. I never fancied myself having talent as a broadcaster. I knew my subject matter, but hated hearing my voice played back and didn't particularly relish the challenge of operating the control desk at the same time as speaking. It all felt clunky and difficult. A few brief and ephemeral progammes of rather inconsequential 'fill' and that was it, I thought, the end of my radio days. I went off to Europe for a year to get over it all.

As destiny would have it, on my return, I found myself working in the School of Business Administration on the same campus - a job that fitted me like a straight jacket. Somehow I wangled my way out of some rather bogus research I was railroaded into at the time and found myself on the floor below my office contriving a weekly radio segment, It's Your Business.